SKIOLD pig farm projects

SKIOLD design complete full-line pig housing solutions

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Solutions where the logistics and all equipment works in optimum manner

SKIOLD design complete full-line pig complexes worldwide. We have experience in designing solutions in general and legislative suitable to the site and customer requirements. Together with the customer we find an optimal solution that meets current and future needs.

Full line stables is the complete solution. SKIOLD take the challenge literally and do projects where feed production is built into the system. We create a total concept with section boar / gilts, sows, piglets and fattening pigs, feed production, delivery and more.

The logistics between the different housing section is well thought out, so that production and daily operations run as efficiently as possible. And most importantly, we are realistic and open about the layout, the relationship between the housing sections and dimensioning. In that way you achieve efficiency and  a future-proof system.

You can read more about the separate farm sections on the below pages.

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